Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why can't some e-mail systems send or receive large messages?
Many e-mail systems, including PPL's, limit the size of e-mail messages to control e-mail bandwidth usage and reduce storage space requirements for e-mail. Using the PPL File Transfer Center, you can transfer large files to people who otherwise may be unable to receive large attachments via e-mail.

Can I upload more than one file at a time?
Yes, you can upload multiple files at a time. However, at this time, the recipient must download each file individually. For this reason, if you are uploading more than five files, it is recommended that you ZIP the files and send them as one compressed ZIP file.

Why do I get a security warning when I try to upload or download files?
Some of our pages use Java technology (called applets). These Java applets must be accepted by you in order to function. When the applets are loaded onto your system you will be asked (via a security dialog box) if you wish to accept the applet. Note that accepting and using the applets is optional.

You can accept an applet for a single use by clicking Yes. If you click Always you are giving your permission to always use this applet and will not be asked again. If you do not accept the applet (i.e., you click No), an alternate upload or download method will be used.

If you do not accept the applet for uploads, your uploads will take longer and you will be limited to uploading 12 files at a time. If you do not accept the applet for use during downloads, you must download your files by clicking on each one individually.

How do I upload files?
On the PPL File Transfer Center Web site, click on the Upload Files button. Fill in the information requested and click the Select Files to Upload button. Select the files you wish to upload. The files you upload will be available for the recipient to download for the next 14 days. For detailed instructions, click the Help button on the Upload Files page.

How does the recipient download a file?
The recipient will receive an e-mail message containing a Web link with a tracking number. The recipient can click on the URL or enter the tracking number on the PPL File Transfer Center's Download File page to download the files.

What if the recipient does not download the file within 14 days?
The PPL File Transfer Center stores files for 14 days, regardless of whether they were downloaded or not. After the 14 days, the files are permanently deleted.

Does PPL share my e-mail address with others?
No. Please read our privacy statement for additional details.

Are files transferred securely using the PPL File Transfer Center?
The PPL File Transfer Center uses SSL encryption to securely transfer files during the upload and download process, however, the e-mail notification message is sent in clear-text (i.e., it is not encrypted). Should the e-mail notification message fall into the wrong hands, the tracking number in that message can be used by anyone to download the files. Please note that files are not stored encrypted.

For this reason, if you are sending files that you feel contain sensitive information, you may wish to specify a download password. The download password is not sent to your recipient in the e-mail notification message and should be conveyed to them using some other means (i.e., phone, voice mail, pager, in-person, etc).

By including a download password you provide an extra measure of security as both the tracking number (sent in the e-mail notification message) and the download password (sent by other means) are required to download the files.

What is required to use the PPL File Transfer Center?
A PC running at least Windows 98 (or a MAC running at least O/S 9), and a Web browser equivalent to or better than Internet Explorer 4 (or Netscape 4) is required. The use of Java technology (Sun Java software or the MacOS Runtime for Java) is optional.

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